• Passive Income

    How to earn easy and flexible passive income through NFT and Blockchain!

  • Blueprint

    Tips and tricks essential to navigate the side hustle life.

  • Icon & text

    Breakdown of risks and revenue structure for the technologies like NFT & Crypto.

Why NFT & Blockchain?

NFTs are changing the way the world does business as part of the most disruptive technology (blockchain) since the very early days of the internet and you can build and learn how to use them in order to shape the future of modern digital art, gaming, and web applications.

Who this course is for?

Take this course if are interested in working on a blockchain project in the future and entering the industry Take this course if want to learn how to generate an extra income on the side!

Course curriculum

    1. M1 L1 All about side hustle

    2. M1 L2 10 steps for starting a side hustle

    1. M2 L1 What is a block chain

    2. M2 L2 How does it work

    3. M2 L3 Is Blockchain Secure

    4. M2 L4 Bitcoin vs. Blockchain

    5. M2 L5 Where are blockchains used

    6. M2 L6 Pros and Cons of Blockchain -

    7. M2 L7 Other Blockchain concerns

    1. M3 L1 What is an NFT

    2. M3 L2 What are some of the issues with NFTs

    1. M4 L1 What is cryptocurrency and how does it work

    2. M4 L2 What are the risks

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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